Digital Word Wall with Popplet

There are many ways to use Popplet in math from K-12.  It is easy to create collaborative digital Word Walls for review, learning vocabulary and making connections. 

On the iPad, students can design, sketch and write about the math in other apps like Explain Everything, Number Pieces,  Geoboard,  and Skitch, save their work as images, then upload them to a popple.

Popplet is a web app and iPad app. An account is free and Popplet can be private, shared with specific people or  public. Students can work simultaneously within a shared Popplet in the web app.

Popplet lite is a free app for the iPad. Popplets built in the app are not connected to or viewable on the web and remain in the device. Popplet has a paid app ($4.99) that will connect and sync to your online account.

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