Extra works of art

This post is “extra” as the kids say… I really just want to share and celebrate these amazing “human body system” projects from my grade 10 Vocational Science students. It’s not just that they all turned into works of art. It’s also the engagement and thinking that went into their work. Nearly all students were highly intellectually engaged in this project. So I tried to find a way to relate it to Learning Sciences. It reminds me of the diversity of research topics and methods that I have read in the articles for my courses and for my own work and that my fellow students in my cohort are proposing. To name only a few: online learning–both engaging online teachers in communities of practice and using learning analytics to improve students success, project-based learning in medical school, professional learning communities in secondary schools, policies for mathematics curriculum at the national level, open educational practices within K-12 schools, teacher and administrator identity and agency in research partnerships, makerspaces and many more. The research methodologies are very diverse as well. Like these human body projects, each research study is both a work of art and very personal to the graduate students. Like I tell my own students, you need to deeply care about and want to make a positive impact on the issue you choose for your inquiry. The topic must be able to sustain your energy and passion for a long time. #100LSreflections #100dayproject 14/100

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